about Candace Foy

About Candace Foy

“I am Candace Foy and I have been passionate about health and wellness my whole life.


As I went through University and became a Physical Therapist – graduating with honours in 1998, I found I increased in my awareness and capacity that our bodies are intricately created and given the right environment can heal and repair! As a mum of two now-grown children, I have learned the importance of food as fuel – whatever we put in our mouths can help or harm! As a high-level gymnast growing up, I know the level of commitment and dedication one needs to have a goal and become the best version of ourselves we can be!



Living in Australia, I’ve decided to step away from practicing as a licensed physiotherapist in order to pursue my hearts desire in coaching mums. My biggest passion is to come alongside women, especially mums – as to assist them to increase in their understanding of their identity in who God says they are, of who God says He is, whilst sharing my heart using discernment to offer many strategies that I’ve had first-hand experience learning over 21 years as a mum and 25 years in the health profession.


I’d be honoured to come alongside you and walk a part of this journey together!”

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