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Everyone has a story to tell. What’s yours? It could be your story of how you came to know Jesus, to a miracle you have seen, to how He has provided and come through for you, or perhaps you would like to share how He has encouraged you and helped you through difficult times. If you feel prompted to share with others the amazing things God has done for you, then please submit your story/testimony by filling in the form below. Your story/testimony will be read through and prayed about and if approved, it will be posted on BOLD EXISTENCE’s blog page for others to read. Please keep in mind that your name may be posted with your testimony/story. If you wish to remain anonymous, please state this in the form. Testimonies/stories need to be no more than 350 words. Never underestimate the encouragement and inspiration that others may gain through your testimony/story. There is so much strength in unity and when we cheer each other on and get to share our stories. 

Share your testimony/story

Share your testimony/story

blessing kingdom businesses

Matthew 9:38 (NIV) – Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into His harvest field.

Sowing into Kingdom Businesses that pursue God’s heart is a great way to help advance the Gospel. Not everyone is called to entrepreneurship. God calls some to take up this call and mantel, while others get to partake by supporting and sowing into these movements. There are many different ways that the Kingdom of God can have an impact and be advanced on this earth. BOLD EXISTENCE wants to create that opportunity for those who feel led to sow into Kingdom Businesses to be able to do so by having access to these businesses here

Rhema99.9 – Christian Radio Station

Rhema 99.9 is a non-profit Christian radio station in Port Macquarie, New South Wales, mostly run by volunteers. They have a massive heart for families, the community and are highly supportive of local groups, businesses and organisations. They bring the message of Hope and Salvation to those who tune in on the radio or visiting Rhema99.9’s website. Christian music, Christian teachings and other radio programs are hosted on this radio station. They are reliant on donations, sponsorships and memberships. Donations can be made online. Help support this Christian radio station to keep spreading the Gospel…

The Photo Trail


Capturing your every-day kind of beautiful! The Photo Trail has a heart for family, capturing the “real” and precious moments in family life. Love, unity and hope are just a few of the beautiful characteristics that come out of these photos, captured by this Jesus loving photographer, Kaidee. The family unit is so important and precious. Capturing lasting memories is timeless and a great reflection of the beauty of God’s creation.



Yasha products stand for the cause of justice as every piece is a story of hope for those escaping exploitation. Yasha partners with organisations globally whose mission is to rescue and empower. Those organisations are Nightlight (Thailand, Bangkok), Sak Saum (Cambodia), The Loyal Workshop (Kolkata, India), Sudara (India), Elijah Rising (Houston, Texas) and Deux Mains (Haiti). Their products are quality, handmade pieces that execute style & precision, unique to the Australian market. They stock, authentic leather goods, apparel, accessories, jewellery including Freshwater Pearls, fresh flowers, gifts and more! They also stock Earthwood Floors – reclaimed, re-milled Australian Hardwood, where profits from any floor sold through Yasha goes directly to rescuing more victims of trafficking.



The Health Project radio episodes aired Saturday nights at 7 pm on Rhema 99.9. The Health Project was hosted by Adele. Aired episodes are available for you to download and listen to. Enjoy!







Episode 27 – Individual Potential Part 2, Interview With Olivia

Episode 26 – Individual Potential Part 1, Interview With Olivia

Episode 25 – Spiritual Health Part 2, Interview With Caroline Dennis

Episode 24 – Spiritual Health Part 1, Interview With Caroline Dennis

Episode 23 – Neutromuscular Connection Part 2, Interview With Mike Foy

Episode 22 – Neutromuscular Connection Part 1, Interview With Mike Foy

Episode 21 – Natural Therapy, Interview With Milicia

Episode 20 – Homeopathic Medicine Part 2, Interview With Sam

Episode 19 – Homeopathic Medicine Part 1, Interview With Sam

Episode 18 – Art Therapy, Interview With Jane Write

Episode 17 – Motives For Healthy Living

Episode 16 – Osteopathy, Interview With Matt Hempsell

Episode 15 – Ankle Injuries And Prevention, Interview With Guy

Episode 14 – Three Pillars Of Aging Smarter, Interview With Candace Foy

Episode 13 – Inspirational Story, Interview With Candace Foy

Episode 12 – Dental Health Part 2, Interview With Dominic Chung

Episode 11 – Dental Health Part 1, Interview With Dominic Chung

Episode 10 – Knee Injuries Continued, Interview With Mike Foy

Episode 9 – Knee Injuries, Interview With Mike Foy

Episode 8 – Business Health Part 2, Interview with Let’s Revamp

Episode 7 – Business Health Part 1, Basics Of Starting An Online Business

Episode 6 – Pets And You

Episode 5 – Interview With Kerry Etherington On Herbal Medicine

Episode 4 – Common Barriers To Physical Activity

Episode 3 – Sugar!

Episode 2 – Exercise Tips & Personal Trainers

Episode 1 – The Who, The What And The Why

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