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by 26 May

 Live FREE !

If you had it all to do over again… would you write a different story? The plot twists would remain the same, you had no control over them anyway, but perhaps you’d handle it all differently?

Hindsight is 20/20 or so they say and if you only knew then what you know now, maybe you wouldn’t be sitting where you sit. . .. but this is what you know, it’s how you’ve walked wounded.
This is your survival story.

Perhaps you’ve born the cost of empathy imbalance?  Perhaps you’ve mastered in needing to belong…but found belonging nowhere?

Perhaps when life is chaos you’ve controlled what you can in order to feel some sort of comfort? Those shoulders carried more than they should?
Those hands held to tightly when they should have loosened their grip?
Perhaps you’ve been trampled under the need to please?

Do you crave a time machine so that you could go back and do it differently?
Notice what you overlooked. See what went unseen… Less played the fool and more foolhardy. More wise than wishful.

Is ache such a part of you, imbedded in your soul? Does it have a way of spinning spells that dictate to your every moment and write the soundtrack to your days?
Have you wished that ache away a thousand different ways, dreamed a different story a thousand different days…

But life is no dream and to live there in denial heals nothing…achieving even less… Just more time lost in fraudulent haze.

Friend, enough life wasted walking wounded. There’s healing to be had !

 Do you crave courage?

To be dauntless, to walk whole?
Do you want to live life in full colour, high definition?
To walk outrageously authentic no matter the cost?

If this is you, then perhaps there’s things that need to be put down?

Friend, can I tell you God doesn’t define us by our past. He doesn’t remind us of our sins, our faults our failings… He calls us by name, He reminds us we are loved!

His presence in us drives the dark from our days, and demons flee under the power of His love. God will use all things to bring us to a place of holy encounter and there is power in the testimony of our walk. Authority is found in identity and true identity is being positioned in him.
Power comes from being in His name, not just using it.

Hindsight while helpful for understanding can be a brutal teacher.
We can’t untangle ourselves or turn back the clock.
But Gods plans are always only for our good .. His path, though narrow, is to reconcile us back to the Fathers heart – to wholeness, healed and steadfast…

He gifts us Love, and the power to choose to receive it.

Love and choice are the most powerful forces in existence. Even the man possessed by a legion ran towards Jesus having chosen to act on the free will given to place his hope in the love of a Saviour!

Friend, you possess more power than you think!  There is no situation that steals the authority you have to choose Him, to give your heart surrendered and receive the gift poured out at the cross.
You may have sinned, but you need not remain a sinner.
You may have been victimised, but you need not remain a victim.
You were never created to carry shame or regret but to learn the lessons from the walk and hand the hard stuff over to be made new.

What is simple is true. 

You are loved and redemption is yours.

Turn again to His embrace, take that weight of shame and regret and lay them at his feet.

Find forgiveness is freedoms kiss on your aching brow…
It’s release….
Oxygen and medicine all at once.
It’s CPR to a dying heart.
Breathing hope back into those weakened lungs. It’s the strength to put down the anger and lift gaze into tomorrow.

In surrender you’ll find courage. It bleeds refreshment through your veins. Quiets the storms of overwhelm. Lifts the weight of not being enough.
Surrender leads us back to hope. To faith. To the dreams of age-old yesterdays and lights the way into a new tomorrow.

From this place, your survival story holds the testimony that lights the path for others to be found in.
From this place those holy plans unfold, the walk is never wasted but transformed and purposed for redemptions heart to flow through. It’s from here the paralysis of pain and fear melt into courage,
That you become dauntless, walk whole.

Life is transformed into full colour; high definition and you walk in authenticity… and the goodness of God is your survival story.


Be blessed,


Team Bold Existence

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