Prophetic Word – Fruitfulness, Wrath & Judgement

by 31 Aug

Prophetic Word – Fruitfulness, Wrath & Judgement


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Here is a prophetic word the Lord gave me to share with the body of Christ. Always take every prophetic word you hear to Jesus and ask for confirmation. Believe in no man or woman, but only in the One and only true God. If you have not listened to this word yet, you can do so below:



Here is the word the Lord gave me that I read in the video:


God said: “Fruitfulness daughter, fruitfulness. Fruitfulness in this hour, My child. I am bursting forth new vats overflowing with abundant blessings. Blessings of which My children can grab and take hold off. They need not live in lack or in want, for I am their Source and Provider. Many don’t recognise this. Many go their own way and try and make things happen in their timing and strength. Little do they know that I frustrate their efforts because they do not seek Me.


They do not seek My counsel or guidance and when they do, it is only so that I will do what they want or think and not according to My will and timing. They become disheartened and troubled in mind by the affairs of the world. Do they not know that life is more than food and the body more than clothes? They are so quick with their mouths to speak insults and complaints against Me. But have they examined their own hearts? Their own motives? Their own intentions?


Will I not look after them and take care of them if submit to Me and follow in obedience? My heart grows weary of their groaning and accusations against Me. They treat Me as an enemy rather than a friend. For their desires override any sense. They do not trust, they do not step where I ask. They expect everything on a silver platter without putting in the work or the effort. When I say “Don’t speak ill against your leaders”, do they listen? When I say “Do not accuse a man for no reason when he has done you no harm”, do they oblige? No, they don’t.


It is the simple things that they choose to ignore, and yet sometimes those are the things that will unlock the doors for them into their destiny. My people have become complacent and “fat”. Always expecting to just receive and to not put any discipline and obedience into following My ways. They hide behind grace. My people are greatly mistaken if they think that they can just go their own way and do their own thing without consequence. No, My darling, My grace is there for, that when they fall short while being in pursuit of Me and walking in obedience, they are covered. A man cannot wilfully sin and expect to be pardoned.


He must have a contrite and repentive heart. Otherwise, it is just empty words that he utters. He speaks and says he is sorry, yet in his heart he is already plotting his next sinful deed and rebellion. Is that true repentance? I think not. These people sit in judgement against Me. Judging Me for the consequences of their corrupt ways. They speak and say “He is an unjust God, He does not care, He is cruel”. What have I done to these people? Have I not sacrificed My one and only Son so that they can have life?



Yet they despise My gift. They disregard it and follow their own ways which lead to destruction and then they turn around and blame Me for their actions and consequences. Is not each one free to choose for himself? Is that not how I created man with choice? They each have gone in pursuit of their own schemes and brought destruction on this earth. Am I not a Righteous God? Am I unfair in My judgements when I bring punishment on the wicked for their deeds done in darkness?


Do I not have the right to purge and cleanse the own work of My hands? Who is the man who dares to command Me to explain Myself and My actions as if I am accountable to him, to have to answer him? My people lack the fear of the Lord. They do not know what it means to be humble and contrite in heart. I will keep purging and cleansing until I am satisfied, until man will once more acknowledge that I am God. That he will fall down again in humility and understand his place.


I am not a toy for men to play with. Those who treat me so will experience My wrath and judgement. Those who fear Me and walk in My ways will know Me as their God and their strength. On those ones who fear My name, obey My commands and walk in truth, they will be blessed in all that they do, and they will lack nothing. For they understand My heart, they seek Me, and therefore they will find Me. I will not hold My hand back when I decide to act. I will listen to no man but will do and act according to My Righteousness. My faithful ones will be protected and secured. For their hope and trust is always in Me. But the wicked will perish in their sin. I have spoken.”


The Lord gave Genesis 8:21 with this word.


Be blessed.



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