Prophetic Word- How to Remain Unshakable in Shakings

15 May

Prophetic Word – How to Remain Unshakeable in Shakings  (15th May  2024) – Adele Grobler 


For those of you who have been hit recently with many battles, a lot of warfare, and even circumstances that seem never to change, I want to encourage you.

Friend, Jesus is not silent. He has not turned His face from you, but He loves you. He’s with you and walking it out with you.
Sometimes we question, “God, why don’t you rescue me out of this situation?” We can feel entirely abandoned or like orphaned children in those moments. God’s ways are not our ways. He often does not just deliver us from a circumstance, but He decides to walk it out with us step by step, little by little, and during that process, He transforms us and strengthens us more in our faith. Even though the fire might feel so hot sometimes, in the middle of the storms that we might be facing, when we trust Him and in humility surrender every part, including our understanding and hold fast to Him in faith, we find that in every storm we face there’s always a cloud that will break apart and the sun will come again.

The storms of life have a limited time that they will last and endure. I know that some of you have been in storms for years, but I just want to encourage you to know that your storm’s challenge and magnitude are not equivalent to God’s faithfulness to you. It’s not a comparable measure of God’s approval of you.

Friend, please hear this;

The size of your storm does not mean that God is not faithful to you.
It does not mean that God does not love you.

Storms happen. Jesus himself and his disciples were in storms as well. Storms will come in this life, but the Lord is your firm foundation and solid point.


Lord, I come in the name of Jesus and want to lift  up to you  every brother and sister ,Lord, who is struggling and battling right now. God, whether through sickness, disease, pain, finances, losing jobs, or the tearing down of Ministries, shifts in relationships, different kinds of places and spaces where they have been operating that have quickly shifted and changed, and even natural disasters may be in their areas. Crime in their areas, anything Lord God that has come into their world, Father that has caused a rapid shaking and storm in their life. I now pray that your peace, which surpasses understanding, will guard their hearts and minds in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Father, I come in the name of Jesus against any enemy assignment against them. Any Spirit of infirmity, sickness, disease. Any spirit of destruction, any Spirit of theft, any Spirit of division and strife and contention. Any Spirit, Lord God, that wants to come and kill and destroy in their environment and atmosphere, we cancel in the name of Jesus every assignment by the power of your blood and by the power Of Your Name, Lord.

I ask, Lord, that you will lift them. Comfort them and help them, Lord, that even if they can’t see you at work right now in the circumstances that they can trace your hand, and you’ll remind them of the ways of your faithfulness to them in the past. They will remember how you’ve come through and carried them through, so they can remember, Lord, that you saw them through the difficulties they’ve had before.

I pray that you will encourage them and strengthen them, Lord. That they can just see you more face-to-face. Where they might feel like they can’t hear you, Lord, help them know that you are there. That they will not feel abandoned because you will never leave us like orphans. You said in your word you will come to us, so I pray for that tangible refreshment to come upon them right now. I pray that there won’t be any delay over their breakthroughs.

I pray, Lord God, that you will not permit the enemy to hold back or interfere in any shape or form with your blessings or breakthroughs for them.
In Jesus’ most holy and powerful name, amen.


The Lord Says;
“I am your wrap-around shield. Your fortress, your great reward. Safety and security can only be found in me, my children.


If you keep looking for your security, safety and peace elsewhere instead of me, you will continue to be shaken in those areas. Every part of your life needs to be built on me. Every part means that there should be no area that you trust in apart from me.


I say this to prepare, fortify, and strengthen you.


If any area of your life is built on the seeming security of infrastructures around you, you will crumble and fall when these areas are shaken.


Everything on this Earth is perishable. You cannot take anything with you when you die, yet many of you act and behave as if your very life depends on the security of the things of this world.



If you hoard and store up supplies, can these not be swept away by a single flood?


If you hoard and store up wealth, can this not be stolen, taken, diminished and become worthless when economic structures crumble?


If you hold on to family, friends and loved ones as if they were your very life, can they not be taken in an instant from you?



If you put your trust in the work that your hands have built and established, how will you feel when the work of your hands crumbles?


If you hold on to dreams, visions, and desires, like your firm foundation and hope, how will you stand if they do not come to fruition according to your hopes and expectations?



Is your life bound up and found in what you call a “promise” from me?
Is your life dependent on what you own and have in your possession?
Is your life found in connection and relationship with man? Is your life found in your comfort?


What you call security, I tell you assuredly, not one of you knows what will happen to you even an hour from now. Who of you can confidently predict that your life will remain untouched a day from now?



Do you know when the next disaster will strike the Earth?
Do you know where the winds come from?
Can you create the rain and stop it at your will?
Can you tell when envy and jealousy stir anger, leading to contention and strife with a neighbour?



Can you tell me and show me your great power and strength to save your own life and those you care about?
What can save a man?
Nothing but the belief in the Son of God, Jesus Christ, and following him!
Is eternity not more important than this fleeting life?



If you trust in me and make me your security and safety, who then can take your life from you?
Even if you should perish on this Earth, does your life not continue eternally with me?


Should you not make more effort to store up treasure for yourself that will last and endure into eternal life where moth and rust cannot destroy, and thieves cannot break in and steal?


Do not hold on to anything in this life as if your life depends on it. Hold on to me in every facet of your life; you will be secure and unshakable. What do you have on this Earth that you were not given?
What do you have that is not your own?


Am I not the one who provides a man with his ability to build, create and establish?
If I take that ability away, you would be helpless. Do you see how foolish it is to place your security, hope, desires and pursuits in the things of this world?


If you put your hope in me, your hope will not perish. If you wish to be stable and unshakeable in this life, you must surrender all and only place your hope and expectation on me, my provision, my love, my security and the protection of your souls.


The day is nearly over, and the night is almost here. Throw off everything that hinders you and find your life in me instead of the things of this world.”



My beautiful God, Lord, thank you so much for this word. I pray, my Lord God, that you would help every one of us in the body of Christ to examine our lives to look for those places where we might have placed our security and Lord, just our safety net and peace in different things other than you.

Lord God, help us shift it back to you because you are our only sure foundation. The only assurance we have for this life is the life to come. Lord, I pray that you will help us overcome our human weaknesses by not focusing our eyes on the things seen but, on the things unseen. Help us to stand firm in our faith. To build up our innermost faith, Lord, with you as you are the author and finisher of our faith.

In Jesus most holy and Powerful name, amen


Be blessed 😊

Founder and Director, Bold Existence.



Scriptures for this word
Romans 13:12, – Armour of light
Matthew 6:19-21,- Treasures in heaven
1 Timothy 6:7 – We take nothing with us.
Ezekiel 14:13-16 – God is Sovereign
Matthew 6:27-29,- Why worry
Matthew 6:8,- He knows what you need.
Luke 12:19-21,- A warning
Isaiah 49:23- A Promise

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