Prophetic Word- I Am Breaking In My Wild Horses

24 May

 Prophetic Word –I am Breaking In My Wild Horses ( 24th May 2024)  – Adele Grobler 


Some of you right now have walked through Wilderness Seasons with the Lord, allowing Him to strip you bare and refine you. During that time, the Lord either released you from the wilderness or you still feel you’re in the wilderness, but He led you into greater freedom.

It’s those of you who have walked through seasons of being muzzled, stifled, and not being able to work with your giftings and callings, maybe in your church or community. The Lord took you through a season of preparing you and also allowing you to start working and using those giftings again. He led you into a place of freedom where you’ve been unmuzzled and can actually speak. It’s almost like you were in confinement and containment, and then you were allowed to walk into greater freedom with the Lord to a certain degree.

Lately, you have felt that there has been such a breaking of you. You’ve walked through seasons of spiritual warfare and the Lord stripping things from you, but this season has felt quite different and intense. Sometimes you’ve even thought to yourself, “God, am I doing something wrong? Have I missed it? Am I being punished by you? Did I not obey your word? Where did I go wrong?” You’ve been having all these questions going through your mind because of the intensity of the battles that you have been facing and walking through at this point in time. It doesn’t make sense to you. You’ve literally just been asking the Lord, seeking Him, and doing what He’s asking you.

It seems you have been hit from all sides, and you have felt discontented, frustrated, and feeling like God’s never going to come through. You might feel like God is mad at you or not talking to you, and you’re just in a mode of confusion because of the outcomes of what you’re currently walking through. But the Lord wants to tell you that this is not anything that you have done wrong. Rather, this is your breaking-in season.

The Lord brought it to me in the context of you being a wild horse. Before, you were contained, whether it was in church spaces, family, or community. You couldn’t freely move with the Lord or express your gifts. But the Lord then pulled you out of that. He either pulled you out of church spaces or different communities or family spaces to take you to another place where you could start walking in your gifts and your call. Maybe He called you to start stepping out by creating YouTube channels or other forms of ministry. You’ve had a measure of freedom in that because you haven’t been bombarded with the similar stuff you experienced in the traumatic seasons of being muzzled, stifled, or contained by either people, the enemy, or things of this world rather than the Lord.

Now, in this newfound freedom, the Lord is starting to break you in from a wild horse to a broken-in horse. That statement might offend some of you because you’re thinking, “Really? I’m being broken in? Didn’t I just receive my freedom from the Lord?” You might like the idea of being a wild horse because wild horses run free. You can run in a wild horse pack with other like-minded, like-hearted believers who you found community with, who are also like wild horses having that freedom in the Lord. And now you’re telling me the Lord wants to break me in? Get out of town. I don’t want to be broken in. But this is a really, really good thing.

So before we get into the nitty-gritty of why it’s important to be broken in, we will first look at the purpose of your wild horse season. The whole purpose of this running wild season, the Lord freeing you from previous things, was so that you could be free from the things that once held you captive, whether that was spiritually, mentally, or physically.

 Emotionally, it was also to connect you more with His heart because it was really hard for you to connect with the Lord on a deeper level of intimacy while you were being restrained or confined in the spaces and places that you left. But in this running wild season with the Lord, you have been able to connect with His heart on a deeper level and to learn that He is actually for you, champions you, enjoys you, and loves you. You might not have gotten that from people and all experiences, so that part of the wild running season with the Lord was for Him to strip those things, fortify you in Him so you can actually know how much He’s championing you and how much He is for you.

The other purpose of the running wild season was to teach you to think for yourself and not just accept what has been pushed on you by man and institutions. Whether it was a religious mindset, traditional mindset, cultural mindset, or family dynamic mindset, this wild season has been for the Lord to help you unlearn some things that the world taught you or the ways of the world, so you can actually learn to think for yourself from a biblical perspective. You can discern more clearly the elements and circumstances around you, so you’re not more gullible or susceptible to just go with the crowd because that’s what everyone else is doing. Now you can think for yourself, evaluating everything that you hear, everything that has been taught, and everything that has been preached or pushed on you. You can now see whether it’s a God thing or a good thing. You’re now able to discern if it is actually truth or deception.

All of that was also happening in this running wild season because the Lord had to take you out of the normal confinements so that you can be just you and the Lord or running wild with other wild horses who are like-minded and like-hearted, so you’re in a safe environment to explore and learn the new principles with the Lord. The season was also to give you the freedom to move forward in the purposes, goals, and assignments God gave you, because in previous seasons you were not able to do that. This whole running wild season was a platform to actually elevate you or launch you to start moving and walking in the things that God has placed on your heart or the assignments that He has given you, so you can explore with Him and have a bit of trial and error without being restrained in the old ways that you were.

The purpose of the wild running season was also to heal you, to strengthen you, and to build endurance and perseverance in you. Whether you are still going through a wilderness or not, in that wild running season you still experienced a lot of spiritual battles, refinement, purifying, and emptying yourself out. You had to surrender to the Lord and let Him heal those areas of trauma and wounds. The trials that He took you through were also building endurance and perseverance in you for this next season, the breaking in that we’re going to talk about.

Think about wild horses: when they run, they run through rugged terrain and have to strive to find water and food. In the wild, they are not always guaranteed to find food or water every day because they are susceptible to the elements around them. Staying in a wild horse season is not the best for you; you have to come to a place where you can be more settled and not dependent on the elements of the world around you.

Another purpose of the wild running season was to teach you that you can run with others and also independently. From where you’ve come from, you might have learned that you can only operate in a certain way with certain people. The Lord had to strip that from you to teach you that you can actually work independently from them to follow the Lord, but you can also work together with others. If you’re used to only working independently, you can now work with others who have the same heart and mind.

That wild horse season was to teach you that there are other wild horses, like-minded and like-hearted, that you can run with. Collectively, you’re all going on Kingdom assignments. When you look at wild horses, even though they run as a unit in a herd, they each run individually and independently from one another. If there are obstacles like bushes, everyone will maneuver in different ways and run at different paces. They are not dependent on one another; they run independently and can go in different directions without being controlled.

The purpose of the running wild season was also to free your heart to believe again, dream again, and hope again because from your wilderness season… And the things that you’ve worked on previously, a lot of your dreams were stifled. Many of you had hope deferred because you felt like you were losing things, unable to grab hold of them because other people, institutions, or circumstances squashed or removed them. The whole purpose of the running free season was to reawaken those dreams and purposes that God has placed in your heart, reigniting hope for a better and freer future with the Lord.

This season also taught you how to move according to the Holy Spirit’s promptings and guidance. As you ran in this wild horse season, the Holy Spirit led you to various places to fulfill your assignments. You’ve learned to tune in more to the Holy Spirit’s leading, guiding, and promptings.

As I unpack some of these things that you might have been feeling and some of the benefits of this wild horse season, you might be asking, “Why does God want to break me in again?” With the word “breaking in,” we immediately think of being restrained, limited, or controlled. We envision a saddle and bridle and being directed where the rider wants us to go, rather than actually running in freedom. This thought might feel like a violation of a wild horse mentality, causing fear of being controlled, attacked, limited, or restrained again.

But the breaking in of the horse, or the breaking in of this wild horse season, is actually an upgrade and a promotion. You are becoming something greater than just a wild horse; it is an increase in your capacity and what you can carry and achieve as the Lord has revealed to me.

Think about a wild horse compared to a broken-in horse. Wild horses are left to the elements, running free but in different directions without control. They can’t work together to accomplish something significant. In contrast, consider broken-in horses in a military context, like in the Middle Ages. These horses, with riders in armor, were trained to withstand the noises of war, remain unfazed by bows, arrows, and fire, and not flinch when massive boulders hit a stronghold. They have been broken in to the point of becoming almost immune to the battle and its noises, making them more resistant to enemy attacks. They trust their riders completely to maneuver in battle scenarios.

When working collectively, these trained horses can charge down a stronghold and overpower enemy forces, releasing captives. Wild horses, even when running together in a herd, are unrestrained and unable to stand together in battle scenarios. They still have a flight or fight response to traumatic sounds and triggers. In a battle scenario, wild horses cannot maintain ranks or work together effectively to advance against enemy forces.

The breaking in season is not about human or institutional control, restraint, or riding you. It is about the Lord guiding you. This season takes you into a deeper partnership with the Holy Spirit, beyond what you’ve experienced in the wild horse season where you’ve been led by His promptings and guidance.


The breaking-in season is more of a deeper partnership with the Lord. You will feel Him maneuvering you in specific directions, becoming pliable and docile so that you won’t resist when He calls you to take different paths or unfamiliar roads. This process involves healing more of the previous traumas from the wild horse season and wilderness season, which may have stopped you from working together in unity for the kingdom of God.

It is meant to cultivate a deeper partnership with the Holy Spirit and to break your limited thinking and experiences from the wilderness and running free horse seasons. Each season requires a different mindset. In the wilderness season, it is about survival, living on limited resources, and enduring dry, refining periods. The running free horse season shifts to a mentality of freedom and hope, energized by the new lessons learned from the wilderness.

However, in this wild horse season, you still carry some traumas from past battles, both from the wilderness and the running free seasons. The breaking-in part is essential to help you shed those limited thoughts and experiences. You might have developed a habit of bracing for the next challenge or hit, always in a flight or fight mode due to ongoing battles and storms, despite the Lord’s guidance. This breaking-in season aims to heal that mindset and remove those limitations.

This season will increase your capacity to carry His presence and power in greater ways than in the running free season. It will bring you to a higher level of submission and surrender. Although you have been submitting and surrendering to the Lord, you may not have been fully pliable and docile. Some parts of your life may still lack complete trust in God. When external pressures—such as people, church, finances, or jobs—come, you might spiral, seeking relief or escape. Although you turn to God, some aspects still cause frustration and annoyance, especially when promises or desires are unmet.

The breaking-in season addresses these areas, ensuring that you seek peace solely in Christ. You will no longer look for peace outside of Him, becoming completely pliable and docile, trusting that He has you covered regardless of external circumstances. This shift leads to a greater closeness with Him.

Moreover, the breaking-in season is necessary for the new things the Lord wants to do. God has new plans and ways for the body of Christ, and if we are not completely docile and pliable to the Holy Spirit, we might become apprehensive about certain paths or actions because of human logic or past experiences.

Wilderness will get in the way, or our past experience of the running free season will hinder us. The Lord wants us completely empty so that He can fill us with new wisdom and knowledge for where He’s leading us, allowing us to keep lessons learned but not view the future through the eyes of the past. The Lord desires us to maneuver closely in partnership with Him to achieve more together.

In the breaking-in, the Lord wants us to be non-resistant to new directions or pathways due to past trauma, triggers, and fears of being controlled, attacked, silenced, restrained, or diminished. This process will deepen your understanding of God and His plan for your life, more than you’ve experienced in previous seasons. The breaking-in aims to fully convince you that God is capable of leading you anywhere.

You might think you already know that God has been leading you, but being convinced is different. Consider whether you are fully convinced about some promises and desires. Are you fully convinced God has you when finances hit hard or when you receive a difficult health report? Are you fully convinced of God’s intention, love, purpose, and plan for you, or do you have doubts? There is no room for doubt now. It’s all about asking the Lord what He wants and where He’s leading, then flowing with Him in obedience because you are convinced of His capability to lead, even when it doesn’t make sense to your human mind.

The breaking-in season will bring you to a place of complete trust in His leadership, becoming so docile and restful with Him that you trust every prompting, stirring, and directive, regardless of the direction or terrain. This will lead to minimal resistance and a reduced need for understanding, just a complete trust in His leadership and outworking of all things.

You will find joy in the obedience He asks of you, rather than in the outcome. Many focus on the outcome and lose joy and peace when expectations aren’t met. God wants to strip this mindset, bringing you back to finding joy in obedience because the outcome belongs to God. If you think about laborers in a harvest field, the harvest belongs to the master; laborers find joy in their labor, not in the harvest outcome.

God wants you to enjoy Him and what He asks you to do, not to find fulfillment in how things play out or whether expectations or promises come to pass. His ways are higher and His thoughts much greater than ours. If God asks you to build something that never amounts to anything, will you doubt, become sad, or lose joy? What if He wants you to build something just for Him and no one else sees it—will you be satisfied? If your life situation now is as good as it gets, will you be happy and satisfied because you are fully convinced of God’s leadership?

If your answer is no, this breaking-in season is necessary to rectify that. It’s about reaching a point where you do not hold on to the outcome of your obedience. Find joy in God’s presence and His leading, rather than in controlling the results of your obedience.

Doing what He asks you to do, the enemy can spin you around because anything outside of Christ can make you lose your peace. Christ is the only solid point, so you must find your peace and joy in Him alone. When He asks you to do something, focus on that without worrying about the outcome. If you do, you may lose your peace, doubt, and question God and His pathway.

The goal is to become restful, willing, and convinced of His leadership. When He directs you, you obey and find joy and pleasure in His presence. Don’t concern yourself with how things will play out. Trust His leadership completely.

According to Western Horsemen, a “broke” horse is one that has learned to think through different types of pressure with little to no resistance. It understands cues, respects the rider’s hands and feet, and is mentally aligned with the rider. This horse has been through many experiences that make it willfully guided and confident. Similarly, God’s breaking-in is a promotion and upgrade, not a demotion. It offers more freedom and the ability to achieve much more than being a wild horse running free.

Part of the breaking-in is learning where to find your peace. A wild horse in a pen, unaccustomed to its surroundings, will be distracted and look for a way out. The breaking-in season, with its trials and battles, helps you focus on God alone, finding peace in Him despite the pressure. This becomes your default, fixing your character on God, who keeps in perfect peace those who remain steadfast on Him.

Everything in life is perishable, and if your peace is in anything other than God, you will be shaken when storms come. The breaking-in season trains you to resist outside forces that threaten your peace. Like a battle-trained horse, you learn to maneuver confidently regardless of external chaos.

After finding peace in Him, you need to ask the right question. Instead of focusing on tasks and assignments, ask God who He wants you to become. This breaking-in season is about becoming something more. In previous seasons, you may have identified with labels like “Deborah anointing” or “prophet,” but God wants to take you higher.

God doesn’t want you to wear someone else’s identity. Scripture speaks of God giving His anointing, not someone else’s. He wants you to become His, embodying love because He is love, and you are created in His image. This simplicity of identity—being His—is what He desires.

In the next season, everything you do should flow from love. Identifying with labels can bring competition and division within the body of Christ. God’s highest form of identity and thinking is simply being His, submitting completely, and finding absolute restfulness and pliability in His hands.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re a prophet or Apostle or an evangelist. It doesn’t really matter if you maybe move or speak as a Deborah or Esther it doesn’t really matter because it’s not about that label that you put on because God will change the seasons and shift the seasons and all he wants you to do is be in such a partnership and unison with him that you can just flow and maneuver with him where he wants you when he wants you because of that beautiful partnership in him. God takes care of the activity and the assignments that he gives you; your job is to just remain flexible, pliable, docile, and restful in him with that assurance of “I am yours, you are love,” and so I’m just going to reflect love in whatever shape or form you ask me to do and to put my hands to.


The second thing the Lord wants to do with this breaking in is first of all, teach you where to find your peace, which is only in him. So that whenever things shake around you, all these perishable things that you cannot take with you, you will learn how fragile they all are. You will learn how temporary they are because everything in your world right now can be taken from you, including promises. You know, that spouse that you have been so looking for, or that ministry you’ve been so looking for, or that job you’ve been so looking for, or whatever it is that you have been looking so for and holding on so tight with that promise. Do you know that even if God gives that to you today, tomorrow it can be taken? If he gives you that spouse, that spouse can die tomorrow. If he gives you that house, that house can be destroyed by natural disaster tomorrow. If he gives you that title or that job, that company can shut down tomorrow with recessions. If you have that ministry, many people can turn against you, and the whole congregation can leave you. The bottom line is, even your promises are all perishable stuff here on the earth that he gives you or that he promises you.


So if you put your faith, your trust, your peace, and your joy in those things and those things get shaken, where is that going to leave you? It’s going to leave you in a flight and fight response where you can then not operate with the Lord properly because you’re being triggered into a trauma zone because you held on to those things instead of Jesus. And so it’s this whole peace thing that you can be solid in him no matter what happens around you, no matter how things shift and change. You can be solid in him, and it doesn’t matter what he calls you to be in a certain season. If he wants you to prophesy one season, you prophesy one season. If he wants you to build a church in the next, you build a church in the next. If he then wants you to go and just strip everything, give everything to the poor, and walk on the road and be an evangelist, then that’s what you be.

Do not limit yourself by the limited thinking of certain labels and tags that have helped to form you into a certain identity to connect with God. Now he’s calling you up higher to the simplicity of

“You are just mine” and let my love flow through you. This love that I have given you, I want to teach you how to actually use that love to now serve in the different various forms and capacities that I’m calling you to. Because I need you to be able to just maneuver with me, be fully convinced of my leadership because things are changing rapidly and things are going to be new, and you’re not going to know where to go because you’ve never been this way before. So I need you completely broken in, trusting, restful, not resisting me because you’re so convinced that you are mine and your peace is in me.

Then you can do anything with the Lord because all things are possible with God. You are sometimes the biggest one that will actually stop and hinder what God can do through you because of the ways that we perceive as humans. So it’s a greater submission, it’s a greater emptying, it’s a greater place of surrender where you go, “God, even if today is as good as it gets for me, it doesn’t matter because you are my passion, you are the first and foremost that I seek, my peace is in you.” Because even those things that I think I want and need, even if I get them, they can be taken and stripped. But my spirit will always be in you, and so what we do and accomplish together has more value for eternity than anything else around.


How have you been translating God to others? You see, you cannot fully translate God to others well with an identity tag because it has limitations. But you can translate God well to others by becoming love. Not just by loving others but your very expression, mission, identity, and focus is love and His love through you. If you don’t get love first, you have no business ministering, helping, or doing kingdom assignments. If you do not first get to that point of this breaking in of fully being convinced of God’s love and leadership in your life and that you are His and that you were just created in His image. God is love. To love, then, you have no business with any of these other things because your tags will bring competition. Your tags will not bring the full picture. Some of the things that you have walked through have made it really hard for you to learn that God is a rewarder because you are so used to bracing for impact and storm upon storm upon storm. It’s really hard for you to comprehend that things can get better, and there has been that disconnect between you and the Lord in that space. But He wants to heal that. He is a rewarder, but your understanding of His reward is very different than yours.


Some of you will need to learn again that Jesus fought for the connection and intimacy with you, to show you real love so you can learn to love others well. Because throughout all the storms, the trials, the wilderness, the running free, in some shape or form, you’ve become so busy with the activities and the doings that you’ve actually lost that connection and intimacy with Him and forgotten that it’s really all about Him loving you first. God is going to change the way that you have been seeing, hearing, and perceiving things with Him. That’s the whole point of the breaking in. You’re going to see God in new ways. You’re going to see yourself in new ways. You’re going to see the world and the things you do and activities in a very different way when He’s done with you in this season.


There needs to be a shift because things are going to be different now. God is wanting to remove the remnants of the insecurities and issues you’ve had in your heart towards Him. He wants to partner with you in greater ways than you can ever think of. Some of you that have thought you’ve been doing wrong have lost confidence and have stopped moving forward on His word because of this breaking in season where you felt anxious and hurt and pressure. But God wants you to know you did nothing wrong, and He’s not mad at you. The whole point of this is to get you to look at Him, to find your peace, to learn that you are His.


Some of you have become comfortable with how God moves in your life, and He’s doing things differently now. This can sometimes throw you off, so He’s just training you to gain confidence in the other areas where your peace has been shaken. So it’s going to be a different experience for you, but you need to learn to trust God in other things and not just the things that you are used to trusting Him in. You need to learn to have confidence to move with God in every direction, storm, and pathway. He will continue the training and breaking in until you are not so bound up in the areas that used to cause trauma so that you don’t get paralyzed or triggered by what you feel is out of control.


There is a greater letting go of control. He wants you to not become disorientated and anxious when things feel out of your control. He wants you to find your peace in Him. He’s increasing your capacity so the things that used to crush you will now have the power to carry them. He’s teaching you how to find your peace and courage when fear comes. He’s teaching you to look at Him and not elsewhere for relief, deliverance, and rescue. You might still be in a place of mystery, but God wants me to remind you to look at the progress that you have made with Him during the wilderness season, during the running free season. You were something very different when you started off with the Lord in your wilderness season and even in your running free season. Look at the impact, look at the character transformation, your faith, your connection, the things that He has awakened in you, how you’ve been able to serve others. He has been increasing your capacity all this time. Take a moment and look back at where you used to be and where you are now. God has done a great work in you.


So trust Him in the mystery. He wants you to grow up now in seeing and understanding the beauty of being broken in because you need to be broken in so that you can absolutely carry everything that He wants to entrust to you and you alone. So you have to grow up. You have to let go of all those other things. You have to let go of the labels. You have to let go of just the running free. You have to let go of all those things so you can be fully broken in to actually carry what He wants you to carry to bring victory about in His kingdom. He wants you to be able to handle the things that He wants to entrust you with. So just bring your level of faith. It’s really that simple. Just bring your level of faith, even if it’s as small as a mustard seed. Just bring your level of faith in this breaking in season and trust that the Master Creator knows what to do with your life and where to lead you, even if it feels very chaotic and like you’re being broken.

In this whole breaking in, it is not because God wants to control you. He doesn’t want to control you; He wants to help you overcome your fears and feel His goodness and love for you in every season, situation, and circumstance regardless of the outcome. It is not about following rules and regulations again but about becoming even more one with Him than you have experienced. So do not resist it; go with it and sit with the Lord and unpack it. Just go, “Daddy, here I am. I am yours. I want to become yours. I just want to become yours, and I just want to become love. The rest, just navigate me as you need me in every season. Bring me back to that simplicity and that convincing that you are leading me in every pathway and heal every trigger, every trauma, everything in which I’ve seen you the wrong way because I want to be able to carry that which you want to entrust to me.”

My beautiful God, Lord, I thank you so much for your love, your mercy, your grace. I thank you, my King, that you are so sovereign and that you know where you’re leading us in different seasons of our lives. Father, I pray in the name of Jesus for every brother and sister who, Lord, have really laid it all down, who have followed you through the wilderness, who have followed you into a running wild, free season, who have literally just been obeying you, seeking you, and pressing in with you. I pray, Lord, for all of them who have found themselves really questioning where they’re at, feeling stuck, feeling confused, feeling like they’ve done wrong, all of that. I just pray that you will bring such peace over their hearts right now, that this word, Lord, will reach them and that it will just connect their hearts deeper with you. That through this word, they will see your love and your grace and your mercy in knowing that you’re actually upgrading and promoting them



.I pray that you will help them to find their peace in you, to look to you and not for relief when pressures come, to not look elsewhere but to you, to really fully be convinced that you can lead them where they need to be. I pray you help them to come to a greater point of surrender, surrendering the perishable, surrendering all these things that they have thought they cannot live without. God, that you will remind them again just how temporary things are on this earth and that anything that is perishable can be taken away in an instant. That they will not put their hope, their confidence, and pursuit in that but that they will put their hope, their confidence, and pursuit in you, the one who loves them. Help them through this season, refresh them, Lord, and take them, Lord, to the greatest heights where they can possibly go. Help them to come back to the simplicity of your truth and the simplicity of your gospel and your love for them.



 In Jesus’ most holy and powerful name, amen.



Here are the scriptures the Lord gave with this word:
Psalm 32:8-9, Isaiah 42:16, Isaiah 43:1

Be blessed 😊

Founder and Director, Bold Existence.




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