Prophetic Word – Lift Up!

by 27 Oct

Prophetic Word – Lift Up!


Hi 😊,


The Lord has given this prophetic word for me to release this morning. As with every word you hear, always ask the Lord for confirmation and clarity. God loves you. His heart is for you. If you have not watched the video yet, you can do so below:



Here is the word the Lord gave that I read in the video:


God said: “Lift up! Lift up your head, O’ child of Mine. Why are you walking around so defeated? Why is your face so downcast? Why do the tears keep streaming down your face? Where is your hope? At what point did you let the enemy entice your heart away from Mine? Does your hope lie in circumstances? Does your hope lie in possessions? Does hope not lie within Me?


Rejoice My child, rejoice! This life is nothing compared to the life you possess in Me. You have eternal life in Me. Something that can never be taken or stolen from you. I am all you need in this life. Lift up your eyes and see My eternal love for you. Don’t allow the weight of the world to drain out My light within you. Shine! Shine brightly with the hope that is found in Me.


Renew your heart, renew your mind. Think according to My will and purposes. Set your mind on the things above. Then you will be able to see with clarity and remain productive and effective in My Kingdom works. You are Mine. You were bought with a price. I treat you differently to the rest of the world, as you love Me and follow Me. Come now, wipe those tears off your eyes. Let Me comfort you, nourish you, bless you and take care of you.


I will help you when you ask but let go of your understanding in how I will help. Just rest in My arms and cast your cares upon Me. I love you eternally.”


Here are the scriptures the Lord gave with this word:

Psalm 37:25, Isaiah 59:1, Acts 4:12, Job 19:25, 1 Peter 5:7


Be blessed 😊


By Adele Grobler

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