Prophetic Word – The Steepest Mountains Require Strategy

by 15 Sep

Prophetic Word For Someone – The Steepest Mountains Require Strategy


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The Lord gave me this word to release for someone today. This word is not for everyone, so if this word resonates in your spirit, please take it to the Lord and ask the Holy Spirit to confirm for you. If you have not watched the video yet, you can do so below:



Here is the word the Lord gave me that I read in the video:


God said: “The greatest view comes after the hardest climb. How do you climb a mountain, child? Do you think it is a simple task? The steepest mountains require strategy, skill, and experience. It is not something novices attempt or should attempt. They should train first. They learn the basics of climbing, how to assess terrain, how to assess risks, how to look for the next sturdy rock to step on, what rock to grab hold off for a firm grip, and so forth.


A novice climber does not become an expert overnight. They learn from experiences, good and bad experiences. Life is no different. You learn how to navigate through the obstacles of life. When I speak something over you, I show you the end result, however, it is a journey to get there. I need to train and teach you the things you need in order that you may be equipped and ready for whatever may come your way. Is that not what a good teacher does? Using life experiences to teach you lessons?


Don’t be so hasty in your heart to reach the endpoint, otherwise, you might miss out on the beauty of the lesson. Don’t despise the days of small beginnings. Greatness is not what you think. Greatness is calculated by obedience, humility and honoring My name. Trust and believe that I know the way chosen for you and that I will instruct you in the way you should go. I am setting you up for success in the long run. Trust My leadership.”


Here are the scriptures the Lord gave with this word:

Psalm 23:2, Isaiah 42:16, Isaiah 45:2


Be blessed 😊


Adele Grobler

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