Prophetic Word – The Calm Before The Storm

by 5 Oct

Prophetic Word – The Calm Before The Storm


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The Lord has given me this prophetic word to release today. Always ask the Lord for confirmation regarding every word you hear. For those of you who have been speaking against God’s anointed ones, repent and turn from it, God is merciful and gracious. Each one of us is accountable for the words we speak against others. If you have not watched this word yet, you can do so below:



Here is the word the Lord gave me that I read in the video:


God said: “This is the calm before the storm. Can you feel it? The whole world is in anticipation for what is next. Waiting on the edge of their seats, for they feel it, they feel it in their bones that something big is about to take place. Those who have listened to My voice and warnings and who have taken heed will be safe. Those who have not heeded and prepared will suffer loss.


I am righteous in My judgments. Look how My people treat My prophets with contempt. They disrespect them, they dishonor them, they throw stones at them. And yet these are My anointed ones that I have chosen, to watch over you, to give you warnings and instructions so that you will not suffer harm or loss. Yet you ridicule them when they try and warn you. You scoff and fling dust in the air towards them.


They watch over you like men who need to give an account. You will recognise these ones. They radiate with My Presence and My Glory. My very fragrance is on these ones. Beware the false prophets who only speak what you want to hear. Examine everything with My truth. Did I not say many will deceive and many will be deceived? My people if you would but listen to My instruction and commands, would you not be blessed?


Do I ever speak in vain or waste My breath in making things known to you in advance? My people do not understand the timing of things. If something does not happen immediately or the way they expect, they just keep going their own way. Oh, but do they not see the snare in front of them? Those who abide in Me will hear My voice. Let them come close, for I will hide them in the shadow of My wing.


I will demand an accounting for every stone thrown at My anointed ones. I am their Vindicator and Redeemer. Mock and scoff at them all you want but beware the day I arise to bring judgment upon you for speaking rashly and out of place towards them. Do I choose rashly who I place in these positions? Am I not the God who knows hearts and minds? I know those who are Mine and what they have suffered and been through for My Glory.


I regard them and esteem them highly. So watch your tongues, you unwise servants. For the measure you use to judge, will be measured back to you. But My anointed ones will dwell in safety. I am their Defender. The Lion from the tribe of Judah is roaring over them.”


Here are the scriptures the Lord gave with this word:

Ephesians 2:20, 2 Timothy 2:19, Matthew 7:2, Hebrews 13:17, 2 Corinthians 4:6, John 17:17


Be blessed 😊


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