Prophetic Word – Treasure Within

by 19 Nov

Prophetic Word – Treasure Withing


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The Lord has given me this prophetic word to release today. Not every prophetic word is for everyone. If this word resonates in your spirit, ask the Holy Spirit for confirmation. God placed treasures deep within each of us. Allow Him to do His work in you so that those treasures can be revealed and shine for Him. If you have not watched the video yet, you can do so below:



Here is the word the Lord gave me that I read in the video:


God said: “What is it that you believe about Me, child? Do you think I am a heartless God who doesn’t care? I formed you, you know? In your mother’s womb. I knew every detail about you and your life before you took your first breath. You cry out saying “God doesn’t hear me”, “ God doesn’t see me”, “God doesn’t care whether I breathe or whether I suffocate”, “Where is He?”, “Why doesn’t He answer me?”, “He doesn’t answer my prayers or hear my cry for help”, “Why?”, “I don’t understand”.


Can a created thing understand the design of its designer? Can a man know or search the thoughts of God? You lack understanding in your questions. You act like a mere child in your raging. Is it for a man to dictate the course of his life? Can he add or subtract to the years he was given? Does he not know that his years have been numbered, counted, and ordained since the beginning of time? Man does not know what it means to fear God and follow Him.


His every inclination is based on his own ways and desires. He does not seek the One who granted him life. He only seeks the answers and outcomes that he wants and desires, and if he does not get it, he acts rebellious and blame Me for all the wrong in his life. Why rage against the One who can save you, who can snatch you from the fire? Do you now know that I see everything?


I have set plans and purposes in motion for your life. If you would but seek Me for who I am and not just when you want something, will you not then learn what it means that I can bring ‘diamonds out of the roughest places’. What if the pathways you are currently walking would benefit many who would come after you? What if what you are facing is building in your strength and resilience to go and fight battles for others who need saving?


What if I want to raise you up to deliver and free others, and yet you are blinded because your focus is not on Me? Child, listen to Me. I am the God of all creation. I created you for a purpose. I am watching over your steps and I know the plans I have to turn what the evil meant in your life, for good. All you have to do is trust Me, follow Me and allow Me to work in your heart to bring forth the treasure within.”


Here are the scriptures the Lord gave with this word:

Matthew 12:35, Proverbs 16:9, Romans 3:11, James 2:13, Psalm 46:2


Be blessed 😊


by Adele Grobler


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