Testimony Time – The Word Of God Brings Freedom

by 27 Aug

‘Testimony Time – Jesus Turns Lives Around ­čśŐ!


The Word Of God Brings Freedom – by Anonymous


Hi! I want to share a testimony, that happen when I was younger. I grew up in a Christian home, but after some years horrible things happened in my home, and I started to feel lost, and I was hurting inside. I was thinking that there was no hope for me, and I felt that I could not be saved, and that I had to do things to get out of it…

Then, I continued to live at my home, and I was feeling more empty, but I still was not over it. Then, when I was 16 years old I started on a Christian school. An evening there was a meeting with worship and a speech there, at the start of the year. The man who was preaching, talked about being a good man and what that was like. I felt in my heart that I was not a good man, so I talked to him after that, in there. I started to cry, and told him what was feeling heavy inside. He talked with me, prayed for me and encouraged me to read more in my Bible. So I started to read 10 chapters each day, and it set me free and on the same time I grew and I was very outside of my comfort zone. I talked to other students and told them how God saved and set me free. So I was there for three years and I got to know God’s love.

Written by Anonymous

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