Testimony Time – Healed A 100 Times

by 19 Oct

Testimony Time – Jesus Turns Lives Around ­čśŐ!


Healed A 100 Times – by Tom


God has set me free from many strongholds. Emotional and Spiritual attacks from the enemy. I was healed around 100 times since April 2014. This can be verified at my church. God has Supernaturally gifted me in Worship Ministry. Piano, drums , organ , guitar, bass guitar, synthesizer. All Prophetically Given to me by the Lord. God has saved my life many times from accidents a near-drowning at age 12. A car accident on my way to church by a drunk driver and I was born breech birth and wasn’t breathing for 2 minutes. God healed me from the effects from that incident. I was an artist at 4 years old. I thank God for His provision and healing and sustaining my life.

Written by Tom

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