Testimony Time – God Is Moulding Me

by 26 Oct

Testimony Time – Jesus Turns Lives Around ­čśŐ!


God Is Moulding Me – by Elizabeth


God bless everyone! I came back to the Lord in the spring of 2021 ( around April). In the past, I was married to my high school sweetheart for 22 years and had 4 kids together. We served the Lord together. Sadly, we stopped serving God and allowed the enemy to come into our home and destroyed it. I allowed friends and family to fill my mind with lies ” oh you should have ” fun” you’ve been with only one man your whole life”, which led to destruction. I left my husband because I was listening to others ( the enemy used) and deceived me.

My ex-husband filed a divorce in 2018. During our separation, he met a woman ( at his most vulnerable state) and moved in together during our separation, not after the divorce, which again was used by the enemy. My faith in the Lord is stronger than ever before. God is molding me and teaching me to keep my full armor of God so I can fight against the schemes of the enemy.

I believe he called me back to see his face and kingdom and see his work in my marriage and restore it! Currently, I’m praising God for his grace and faithfulness according to his word ( my sword) hope this story would be a blessing to someone. God bless!

Written by Elizabeth

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