Testimony Time – God’s Great Timing

by 2 Nov

Testimony Time – Jesus Turns Lives Around ­čśŐ!


God’s Great Timing – by Milan


I have shared some of my testimony before, but God is so good there’s been much more since then. I’ll start with the fact that just before I went to sleep I asked Him if He would send someone my way that I would testify to and when I wake up, Adele posts link to this blog page for testimonies.


I’ll keep it brief though, for God is so good the more I think about His ways the more excited I am. How great His timing is, dropping signs everywhere, using the clock, license plates, music, billboards… you name it, He don’t have no limit. What an awesome God, man. He helped me out with so many things I can’t even count them. Doing those things on my own would have no meaning, but when God gives you His helping hand, it’s priceless. I could go on and on but I kind of go crazy when I think about His goodness.

God bless this ministry

Written by Milan

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