Testimony Time – Miniature Horses

by 9 Nov

Testimony Time – Jesus Turns Lives Around ­čśŐ!


Miniature Horses – by Christine Elizabeth


God provided me two miniature horses, that he spoke to me about in 2020. That one day, they would be mine. It did not make sense to me, but knew his voice. And I trusted what he said. A lot of spiritual warfare during the time of waiting for this to come to pass.

He prompted me to change their names to Hope and Joy.

Two horses that were rescued, untouched, have been used to help me in my healing of emotional trauma.

Hope, who was afraid of everything and everyone, is now a gentle loving horse. Joy, who brings me laughter in a time of sorrow. God uses them daily to minister to me.

God has given me the desire to use them to minister to cancer patients and those that are lonely and without hope. I praise God as He orders my steps with Joy and Hope.


God is amazing in how He reaches those that He loves, and uses his creation, horses. He gives good gifts to his children.

Written by Christine Elizabeth

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