Turn back the clock?? Let’s look at ageing smarter with Collagen!

by 21 Jul

You might have noticed there is lots of buzz about Collagen protein these days!

Let’s have a little Collagen 101 chat shall we?!

Firstly, do you know what the second most abundant substance in your body is 2nd only to Water?

Collagen Protein!

It is THE most abundant protein in your body!

Did you also know that as we age, we lose our ability to make collagen starting in our late 20’s to early 30’s and yet our demand for these essential building blocks increases! This significant loss over time affects the health and appearance of your skin, hair, nails, and more. As well, remember what your 1st line of defense is for your immune system… Yes – you got it – your skin!

🛏 Picture a Pillow Top Mattress as an analogy for a moment. Below the nice pillow top that we can see lie the springs giving the real support to the mattress. Well – you all know the difference between an old saggy mattress vs a brand new pillow top mattress – which do you prefer? Guess what – Your skin is the same! So I ask you would you like a strong, intact and organized first layer of defence of your immune system? Would you like hydrated, smooth, soft and healthy skin with that youthful glow? If you said YES – please stay with me!

Next we’ll jump into the HOW do we get more of this very important substance into our body in a way that the body can use it easily and effectively.

The answer if we were playing Jeopardy is…

‘What is Hydrolyzed Collagen Protein!’

This is bio-available, meaning it is identical to what is already in our body and thus absorbed and ready to be used – it doesn’t need to be broken down like eating a steak to get the right building blocks to increase your collagen!

Plus, it’s important to note that once we activate our body’s production of collagen, we also need vitamin C & other key nutrients to allow our bodies’ availability – so having the perfect supporting cast to the right combination of amino acids is key!

My quick little science tip of the day for you is to simply explain there are 28 types of Collagen in your body, but the one that makes up the majority is TYPE I COLLAGEN which is the building block of bones, tendons, ligaments, and skin.

So, if you are interested in better skin health, joint health and bone health – you are reading this for a reason right now!

 Let’s have a look at what happens when collagen decreases:

• Skin wrinkles and thins

• Loss of bone density

• Joints and ligaments become less elastic/flexible

• Cartilage gets thinner and weaker

• Arteries weaken and are less able to resist plaque formation

• Leaky gut and other GI dysfunction

🥹 Sadly – Environmental factors like pollution, prolonged sun exposure and lifestyle factors such as poor nutrition and smoking can diminsh collagen production faster than the normal ageing process.

I’ve researched Collagen for 8 years and have had the honour of helping people of all ages around the globe find the BEST product on the market. Well I am excited to share that today is the day I’ve been waiting for ages to come to pass… the activation company God led me to and that I have aligned with 18 months ago has just launched today a powerful solution to counteract the effects of collagen loss!! A little bottle of pure goodness simply turns on 3 genes God created in us to activate production of your own collagen, replenish your collagen density and also turns on another gene to SLOW and diminish collagen breakdown!

 Collagen is the main component in all connective tissues and it is what keeps joints cushioned and muscles strong. Collagen supplements promise to not only restore skin’s elasticity, but also can support joint pain relief, help build lean muscle, reduce fat and rejuvenate hair and nails. Add the power of this new clean, high quality product and you’ll see with it’s perfect supporting cast of nutrients  you’re winning with this new category disrupting product of Liquid Collagen!

 🚫 NO added sugars

🚫 NO Dairy

 🚫 NO Gluten

🚫 NO Preservatives

🚫 NO Solvents

🚫 NO Artificial Sweeteners


Why do we need this and what sets this new revolutionary product apart from others on the market?! LifeVantage’s Liquid Collagen is carefully broken into its bio identical amino acids by using fruit enzymes & a slow, cold pressed process ~ quality quality quality! No bleach or chemicals to damage these delicate protein bonds ~ thereby keeping the amino acids strong & available for our body to absorb and utilize!

⚠️ There are MANY counterfeit products on the market – no matter where you call home while you are reading this.

As a health professional for years, this is a REALLY big deal to me – as your hard earned dollars should get you what you are hoping to purchase to get results – which is simply put a quality product that will do what it says it will do.

So ~ before you go buy some cheap grocery store supplement that has collagen on the label – please keep a couple things in mind:

✴️ is the collagen hydolyzed using fruit enzymes – to note that most companies use heat and chemicals destroying much of the benefit.

✴️ is it combined with a vitamin C source, that is essential for absorption and activation?

✴️ is the collagen source sustainably and ethically sourced?

✴️ are there any fillers or hidden ingredients?

✴️ is there artificial sweeteners or flavours?

✴️ is there science to support the claims the product is making on the package?

I am available for questions and would truly be honoured to help you on you and your family’s health journeys 😊 please feel free to book in with me for a 15 minute complimentary consult!

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Until next time, be blessed!

By Candace Foy

PS Below are real customers who are friends of mine in the USA who were part of a recent clinical trial on this new product, unfiltered, unedited photos from day 1 and day 15 – was blown away by these and so many others I’ve seen over the last month!

Soar boldly to greater heights!
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