What in the world are ‘Anti-oxidants’ anyways?

by 19 Jan

What in the world are ‘Anti-oxidants’ anyways?

by 19 Jan

Many of us have heard this buzz word… but wonder

what can they do for me?

Have a read on to see how your body is created to make these abundantly for optimal health!


We’ve all heard of them.. we’ve all seen them advertised on the cereal boxes and on TV ….

But you may be wondering  what in the world are these antioxidants??

What is their purpose? Why do we need them? and How could they change my life?!

“Hey Siri… what are antioxidants?”

‘Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation, a chemical reaction that can produce free radicals and chain reactions that may damage the cells of organisms.’

SUMMARY: Our bodies oxidise! Much like how a car rusts when it’s exposed to oxygen over prolonged periods of time.

Oxidation Occurs > Produces Free radicals > Free Radical Damaged cells = Oxidative Stress = Disease and Aging.

So, the PURPOSE of ANTIOXIDANTS is to combat these free radicals and decrease cellular damage, or.. “Oxidative stress

Simple Right??

The problem is… well… Oxidative stress, is actually the cause of HUNDREDS of diseases. A quick google search shows up over 53 millions results! Go ahead and search Oxidative Stress and any dis-ease in the body you can think of – incredible to see the results in all mammals – not just humans, but dogs, horses, & cats too!

The GOOD NEWS: Our bodies were designed to heal themselves! We can actually LOWER oxidative stress by drastically increasing antioxidant levels! Our CELLS can literally REPAIR themselves!


There’s 2 ways…

1: “Take” them.. by eating antioxidant rich foods and supplements


2: “Make” them!

When we take (ingest/eat) antioxidants, we neutralise free radicals at a rate of 1:1

In other words = 1x Free Radical neutralised for every Antioxidant Molecule taken.

Example: A 250g punnet of blue berries can neutralise around 6,800 free radicals. Pretty good right??

Well, our bodies actually make some pretty incredible antioxidants… let’s use Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) for example.

(Another one would be Glutathione or Catalase)

JUST 1 Molecule of SOD can neutralise 1 MILLION free radicals!

Wait for it……….…….. PER SECOND!!

That’s 1:1,000,000 per second…

Which one do you think is the more effective way of dealing with free radicals and cellular damage?! The first or second way?

That’s right – activating our body’s own internal pharmacy wins a million times over!

What does this look like practically for you over time?

Many discover they start sleeping better, have more energy throughout the day, better focus and less brain fog, less aches and pains, faster recovery from exercise and better mood!

Congratulations for making it this far! You are truly a legend! What you’re about to find out could change your life.. just like it did mine. See I was on my own health journey just over 15 months ago, and the Lord led me to a way to naturally increase my SOD by an average of 32% in 30 days and Catalase by average of 53%. Thus LOWERING Oxidative stress by average of 40% in 30 days. AND Glutathione sees an increase of 300% in 120 days too!!

This is done by ACTIVATING our bodies built-in free radicals defence mechanism! Not supplementing or diet.

Naturally. Proven. Confirmed.

And Inexpensive!

Plant based, 5 herbs in perfect ratio to flip the switch on our bodies youth pathways so you can feel better and do more each and every day!

You’ve learned a bit about anti-oxidants but, if you too are on a health journey and want to take this conversation to the next level – please book in with me by clicking on the button below for a free 15 minute chat. I’ve helped hundreds of people just like you over the past 5 years on their health journey and I’d love to offer you a bit of my time for Q & A on how reducing your oxidative stress by 40% in 30 days is possible for you too!

Be blessed brothers and sisters 😊

By Candace Foy

(Wellbeing & Renewal Health Coach)

By Candace Foy

(Wellbeing & Renewal Health Coach)

Soar boldly to greater heights!
Soar boldly to greater heights!
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