about Adele Grobler

About Adele Grobler

“I started my career life as a small animal Clinical Veterinarian. I enjoyed the variety of things I could do in the one career: surgery, dentistry, radiography, medicine, nutrition and so forth. I enjoyed doing surgeries the most, especially orthopaedics. There was just something about posture, movement, bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons that intrigued me. I later left Clinical Practice and became a Corporate Veterinarian. The experience and knowledge that I obtained in sales, marketing, exhibitions, promotions, project management, team leadership and training, dealing with stakeholders, technical service provision, product sourcing and management, travelling and much more, helped form the foundation of Entrepreneurship.


During my veterinary career, I hired a personal trainer to help train and spot me at the gym. God then placed it on on my heart to obtain my Personal Training qualification. I initially started training individuals as a hobby and thought it would stay there. However, God had other plans for me and eventually led me to start Bold Existence. The combination of knowledge and experience from my veterinary career and personal training has given me a unique perspective and in-depth awareness of body systems and movement.


My healthy lifestyle philosophy is centred on “The Personal Trainer”. Without God I would not have been able to turn my weakness (unhealthy lifestyle) into a strength. I am all about building a sustainable, long-lasting healthy lifestyle with Jesus at the centre of it all.



Believe it or not, but I was never one of those “naturally fit” types. Those really awesome individuals who are just so naturally fit and healthy, who love exercise and just have no problem to say “no” to a chocolate bar. Nope, not me! Eating healthy and exercising was never one of my strengths. Diets, meal plans, a 12-week get fit exercise plan, looking at the awesome “fit” people for motivation, just didn’t cut it for me. I was never able to obtain and maintain a healthy lifestyle that way.


Around 2010, God started speaking to me about the need to live healthily. If eating healthily and getting exercise was so important for animals, how much more important is it not for humans? God reminded me that my body was the temple of the Holy Spirit and that I do need to be responsible and faithful with the body He gave me. If I didn’t take care of myself, I wouldn’t have the stamina, energy and health I needed to live life to the fullest. And so my journey began…


I must admit, a healthy lifestyle didn’t come easy. I had many setbacks and many failures along the way. I had to rely on Him constantly for strength to be able to break bad habits and create good ones. But thankfully with God, all things are possible. I haven’t looked back since! I understand how hard and challenging it can be to make a long-lasting health change, especially when you are not fond of exercising and really struggle to say no to junk food. And because of my own struggles, I really have a heart and deep compassion for those individuals struggling to maintain a healthy living. My desire is to use the knowledge and experience God gave me to help make your health and fitness journey easier for you while at the same time helping you grow and soar boldly in your faith with Him…”

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