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Growth & Strength ~ 52 Weekly Devotionals ~ by Adele Grobler

These 52 devotionals are intended to help you grow in strength and maturity in Jesus over a one-year period. I would like to encourage you to not rush through the devotionals but rather to use them as intended. Read one devotional attentively each day during a one-week period. Take time to reflect, meditate and ponder what is written.

As you read it, ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten the eyes of your heart to greater understanding and revelation, and to help you to apply what you read and learn in your life. Doing it this way will allow for you to retain more of what you have read and learned, than if you rush through it.

Take courage and know, God is for you and not against you!

Love & Identity ~ 52 Weekly Devotionals ~ by Adele Grobler

In Love & Identity, these 52 weekly devotionals are designed to help you grow in both love and in your identity in Christ. Identity and love are fundamental in our walk.

Knowing who we are in Christ and knowing His love for us are the foundations for a deeper, more meaningful relationship with God. It is what helps to stabilise us in a crazy, unpredictable world.

Many people feel lost or like they have no purpose simply because they don’t fully know who they are in Christ and lack revelatory understanding of His love and passion for them.

Health & Wellness ~ 52 Weekly Devotionals ~ by Adele Grobler

The Bible teaches us to live healthily. Physical health, emotional health, mental health and spiritual health are essential. These help us to effectively carry out the assignments God gives us to do.

These 52 weekly devotionals are designed to encourage you to live a healthy lifestyle over a one-year period. Make the most out of these 52 devotionals by meditating on each one for 7 days (one devotional per week), applying what you read, and see the transformation change in your life.

Regarding our books

Paperbacks can be ordered from the publisher’s website or directly from online retailers – Koorong, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Book Depository, Ark House – it can sometimes take a few weeks after a book has been published to be uploaded on the global systems.

E-Versions (PDF format) are available for contribution/free on BOLD EXISTENCE website only.

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford books. For those who are truly struggling financially, the option is available to obtain a PDF copy for free. For those who are able, contributions can be given, as much finance and work go into book development. Our heart is to see those in the body of Christ grow in their maturity in Him and want to make resources available for those who are not able to sow/contribute or purchase. 

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