Prophetic Word – Current Hour

by 3 Nov

Prophetic Word (3 November 2023) – I heard Jesus say this about the current hour of trial.


As I was spending time with Jesus, He started speaking to me about the current hour of trial. I wrote down as He spoke:

He said: “I am strategically moving My children into place this hour. I am placing many in different positions to what they have operated in before. My children, if you feel Me tugging on your heart to move out of your current position into a new one, do not hesitate. Respond in faith. I am strategic in My placements. Do not worry as to whether you are making the right decision or not. If you commit your way to Me, I will lead and guide your steps. So if you feel Me tugging you in a different direction to what you may have expected, do not worry.


Just follow My leading and follow My flow and My movement. Do not concern yourself about the positions I am moving others in. I know who to place where. It all forms part of My purposes and design. Some of you I am promoting, others I am demoting. I award each person according to their conduct. Some I am moving out of positions due to poor stewardship and unfaithfulness to their call. Others I am promoting to take over from those who would not repent for their poor stewardship, even after many rebukes. Others I am promoting to different positions because of their yieldedness and faithfulness to what I called them to.


Others I am moving into positions without them even recognising I am moving them. All are key players in My design. Some I create for noble purposes, some for common purposes. Do not try and figure out My strategic movements and placements. It is beyond your comprehension. Know that I am Righteous and just, and My will, will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In this time many things will be brought to the surface that have remained hidden for a long time. Motives, agendas, sins, unjust behaviour will start to be seen more visibly and tangibly. Do not be surprised when you see those you have held fast to be exposed when their hearts and deeds have been wicked. Do not be deceived. Many will take it upon themselves to play “judge and jury”.


Many will try and expose leaders in My body who have been living righteously before Me, as wicked. Do not pay attention to words. Look at the fruit of the tree. Those who lead many to righteousness will shine like the stars. Those who bring judgment and criticism against My righteous and faithful ones will speak out of bitterness, resentment, jealousy and discord. Weigh up what is being said and spoken. Do not easily believe everything you hear. Test every word and every accusation. Be careful when accusations come from only a single witness.


My children, you have often loaned your ears to rumours, gossip, slander, and betrayal. Sometimes you have been oblivious. Come to me with every word and every accusation. If My heart and My Spirit is in a man, he will bear much fruit in accordance with My Spirit. If you hear accusations against any of My people, go and look at the work of their hands. Do they lift Me up and preach My death and resurrection in accordance with the truth of My Word? Do they teach repentance and turning away from sin? Do they teach My principles and acknowledge Me and My ways as sovereign over man’s? Do they look out for the benefit of others, or do they exploit, cheat, self-indulge and make themselves saviour? Do they point to Me and Me alone?


Do they speak about My righteous ways? Do they bear My fruits of love, joy, peace, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, kindness, self-control, patience? Or do they bear fruit of wickedness, envy, jealousy, boasting, pride, self-righteousness, judgment, criticism, slander, gossip, malice, sexual immorality, adultery, homosexuality, lies, falsehood, corruption? Do they feed My sheep or feed only themselves? Be mindful My children. There are many wolves walking in sheep’s clothing. Ravenous wolves who seek to devour My church and those who have laid down their lives and committed their lives to bring Me glory and honour and to advance My Kingdom.


Just as I am moving My children into position, so the enemy is moving his pawns into position. Remember, a life that lives for Me in yielded surrender does not have it out to destroy My church and My workings. Matters should be established by two or three witnesses and even then, weigh up the testimony of those witnesses with the fruit, the speech, the deeds, and the labour of those being accused. For even I had false witnesses rise up against Me. I am the judge. I will expose and reveal what needs to be exposed and revealed. If you judge the deeds of others based on the perspective of others, be careful. For your judgment might not be accurate. You who are so quick to judge others do you not know that you yourself carry sin?


Who will stand up for you and on your behalf when I come and examine you and ask you to give an account for your own sins and your accusations against My faithful ones? I know those who are Mine and I know those who are not. I test hearts and I test thoughts. My true messengers and prophets are those who teach others to come to Me, to seek Me, to repent of their unfaithfulness and sins towards Me. And to surrender their lives fully to Me and My ways. Those who teach righteousness, not wickedness.


Those who do not attempt to present themselves as saviour or mediator as a means to reach Me. But those who teach that I, Jesus Christ, died and rose again so that all can freely come to the Father through Me. My children the hour has come. More deception is being released in the earth. If you do not know Me personally for yourselves, you will easily be led astray by false teachings and doctrines. Wake up My bride, wake up. Wake up from your slumber and seek My face.


Here are the scriptures the Lord gave with this word:


Matthew 24:11, Galatians 5:22-23, Philippians 2:21, Daniel 12:3, Matthew 7:1-5


Be blessed 😊


By Adele Grobler

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