Blog – Just One Life

by 1 May

 One life , just one … How are you going to walk?

While our worth is never found in the fruit of our labour but rather the intrinsic value of our soul…

(You are of value simply because He created you so, and that never changes, is never diminished. You can’t earn love, you are loved and there’s no argument solid enough to negate that fact

…there remains the question of “one life” – what does that look like for you?

When we are smaller it was easier to dream bigger, the weight of life seemed to float above our sphere of awareness and if you desired to be an astronaut or any other lofty ambition, it was all conceivable, these dreams went beyond just a game of make-believe, to a 7 year-old, it is an absolute!

Yet, as we grow larger, our dreams shrink back. Instead of fever for discovery and wide-eyed adventure, we crave comfort and conformity. The longing to be accepted and understood can see us compromise the dreams that were seeded within us and play small with this one life, it simply becomes too risky to step out. Worse still we buy the lies that speak “extinguish” to dreams and sabotage our identity and in doing so we undercut our own ambition, our own longing and never fully reach the Kingdom call that we were always created walk in.  How many songs are never heard, books never written, or projects never begun because of just this?

It is possible to live at the bottom, exist at basement level…waste a life holding onto fakery, projecting to the world what isn’t. Its common to reign in our dreams and settle for comfortable. Never willing to brave the discomfort and cross the waves into miraculous new days.

In the book of Matthew, we read the story of Jesus walking on the water. For the disciples, being out on the water in the darkest reaches of the night, while a storm raged taking them far off course, wind howling and the waves whipping high against their boat, couldn’t have been comfortable. Then amidst their struggle and anxiety to see a figure walking towards them would have seeded fear and had stomachs churning double time.

In that moment, Jesus approaches them. Peter sees, and amidst the turmoil of circumstance, hears the call to step out of the safety of the boat.  It couldn’t have been comfortable stepping over the edge, imagine the internal dialogue, the murmurs Peter would have been silencing as he climbed onto the waves. We see the fear grab hold and Peter start to sink, but with a cry out to his Saviour he finds his feet back on the surface and together they walk on water … the storm is brought to peace.

So it is for us. Embracing the discomfort of the now holds keys to freedom… It gives a soul wings to soar.

Humility and hope make for lighter hearts. It takes us places that pride and doubt never could . When we trust the outcomes of into the hands of a loving Father and are willing to follow His lead, new beginnings await us.

Purpose is found in the surrendering of understanding, in the laying down the comfort of the here and now in willingness to embrace the call of heaven to see His Kingdom come on earth.

Friend, if you want to walk on water, you need to be willing to leave the boat. To step into the call on your life, you’ll need to make peace with discomfort.  Be ok to be stretched beyond what you can reason yourself.

Can I encourage you that as you dust off the long forgotten dreams, that as you allow Him to wake up those stirrings in your spirit and give breath to them again. Just like He did on the lake for the disciples, He will meet you in the darkest parts of your story, breath hope and challenge to your situation, He will take your hand while storms rage and walk you through the miraculous till you are safely establisblished in the path He has for you. He will guide your steps and catch you when you fall.

Just one life, only one ….

Don’t allow absentminded complacency or hope deferred to rob you of the fullness He has for you. Nothing is to far gone for his redemptive touch .

Theres grace enough for where you are and hope enough to spark that faith you need to carry you through .

Just one life – get out of the boat!


Be blessed,


Team Bold Existence

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