Prophetic Vision – Battlefield Light

3 Jan

Here is a vision that one of our EagleHub community members saw. It spoke greatly to us and we trust you will be blessed by it as well:


Battlefield of light – by Dave Holland

Part 1
I open my eyes to see that I am surrounded by a radiant beam of light descending from the heavens. I look up and realise its intensity is too great for my eyes.
I look around me, trying to get my bearings and realise I am standing in the middle of a battlefield, the ground broken and barren from many engagements with the enemy.
I soon understand that I cannot see beyond the beam of light that I am in, so great is its intensity and so sharp its edge that there are no shadows at all anywhere in the light, but beyond the edge is darkness.
An emissary of the enemy steps into the beam, and although I can easily dispatch the demon as its movements are hindered by the light, my blade and shield feel heavy…
I feel weary…
I have been battling alone for so long…
I am so tired…
I cry out to God, “I do not have the strength to drink from this cup. But not my will, but Yours be done…”


Part 2
I hear a familiar voice call out to me, the voice of a prophet, an emissary of the Lord. “Come up higher with me. Step out of the trenches for a moment and have a look at the bigger picture. You are not alone.”
Immediately I am raised out of myself off the battlefield and start ascending towards the heavens. Everything suddenly becomes still on the ground below me as if the world has been paused for a moment.
As I rise, I am pulled out of the beam of light and immediately see that the prophet was right. To my left and my right, stretched out in a line to both horizons, are many more beams of light. In each beam, I see another servant of the Lord, all seeming weary but continuing to push forward into the enemy’s territory.
As I see these soldiers of the Lord, I am overwhelmed by two feelings… Joy and sadness mix together. Joy because there is enough but sadness that there is not more.
I cry out to the Lord, where is the rest of the army? What has become of them? Why are there so few walking in the light?


Part 3
As I look down below, I can see that the world had not been paused but I am now seeing it at the same speed as the heavenly host.
I hear the voice of the prophet again, “Come higher still, look to the the bigger picture.”
I look up now at where the beams of light reach out of the darkness around me into the heavenly realms of the kingdom and can see that they are piercing the dark oppression over the landscape. I am awestruck. My mind is overwhelmed, and everything feels upside down, like gazing into a multitude of stars in space from under the waters of a lake. Nothing is firm and my view is constantly shifting from ripples across the waters under which I now view heaven.
I recognise that I am not worthy so much as to gather the crumbs up from under the Lord’s dining table, but by His blood and His redemption, I can now gaze into heaven, that by the blood of the lamb and the word of his testimony, I like all the others have been made worthy.
My eyes dance across the sky as I try to absorb all that I can see. I see a vast army of angels sitting on the edge of the gateway to heaven, all eagerly awaiting His command. I see the Lord sitting calmly on His throne, His eyes gazing on His bride.
I see my cry for help pass me on to Him, along with a similar cry from all the other saints battling in the light.
I feel movement around me, and I shift my head and can see angels leaping forward from their vantage point to strengthen each of those who cry for help.


Part 4
I feel myself lift and the weariness and ache falling off me. He is on His throne!!! He knows all things, and He is in control and redeems all things according to His purpose.
But my feelings are mixed. I feel the heartache of the Lord, and I shift my gaze back to the battlefield.
What I could not see from within the beam of light is now laid bare before me.
Hidden in the shadows, I can see so many… The army, the bride, trudging in the dim light.
I cry out to the Lord again, “What is happening, why aren’t your people walking in the light with those at the forefront of the battle?”
I hear the voice of the prophet again, “Look closely.”
I strain my eyes to see into the dim light and see that each of them is weighed down, carrying far more than their armour and unprepared for battle.
I am confused and heartbroken. Why do they not walk in the light?
Now I hear the voice of the Lord, and I cannot help but tremble…

“They have become comfortable. They give me only part of themselves and don’t let go of their former selves…
Some don’t want to forgive and are clinging to bitterness and anger.
Some are afraid.
Some still believe the lies of the enemy about them.
And some could never let go of the desires that still lure them into sin, the temporary delight that poisons them.
All they need to do is look to me, seek my face and surrender to me, and they too would be in my light.”


Part 5
I feel an urgency, and I cry out to the Lord, what will happen to them? The battlefield is pressing forward, and they are falling behind those in the light!
Once again, I hear the voice of the prophet.
Isaiah 40:3-5 TPT
A thunderous voice cries out in the wilderness: “Prepare the way for Yahweh’s arrival! Make a highway straight through the desert for our God! [4] Every valley will be raised up, every mountain brought low. The rugged terrain will become level ground and the rough places a plain. [5] Then Yahweh’s radiant glory will be unveiled, and all humanity will experience it together. Believe it, for Yahweh has spoken his decree!”
“This is for those who are walking in the light, for those who have given the Lord their full yes, no matter what the cost.
But for those in darkness, the road will be much harder.”
I see a harsh and barren landscape formed from the remains of a volcanic eruption, with sharp and dangerous rocks full of traps and snares. The Lord will still lead them home as He calls all people to Himself, but the journey will be that much harder and more treacherous.
His radiant light will shine. The battle is already won. Victory is secure.


Part 6
As I take in the enormity of what I see before me, there are things that don’t make sense to me. What is the nature of the darkness? Why do the faces of those in darkness look so pale and wan? Why are the beams of light pale white where they land upon the battlefield, but the light in the gateway to heaven is a glorious rich yellow, full of life? Why is it only a gateway to heaven and not an open heaven? I wrestle within myself, trying to understand, but wisdom and insight escape me. I cannot reason on my own. So eventually, I cry out to heaven, “Holy Spirit, please give me ears to hear and eyes to see, so that I may understand.”
Immediately I am struck with insight, as if I have been physically hit. My body shakes.
The volcanic eruption causing the landscape to be so deformed and barren is not some distant memory from some age gone by. This is recent. The transformation of the landscape from the crossing over is still fresh. The unnatural darkness that covers the earth and enables the enemies movements is the result of the ash cloud that still covers the earth. The light far from heaven is white because it is being discoloured by the ash and vapours still thick in the air in which we walk. The colour of the faces I see is not just because of how my sight works when peering into the darkness but also because they are still washed with ash and suffering from the shock of the recent cataclysm that has covered the earth. They are trudging in darkness because they are still looking back at what has been lost to them, what was before.
The voice of the prophet comes through again:
Isaiah 43:18-19 TPT
“Stop dwelling on the past. Don’t even remember these former things. [19] I am doing something brand new, something unheard of. Even now it sprouts and grows and matures. Don’t you perceive it? I will make a way in the wilderness and open up flowing streams in the desert.”
Those in darkness are still looking backward, counting the cost of what was lost and hoping to rebuild again. But they are standing in fields of hard rock and lava. There is no life here. They are so fixed on what they know and what they have known that they cannot look forward to what is in the light and on the other side of the threshold.
While those walking in the light, battling their way forward, have their eyes fixed on what is ahead, they are crossing through the threshold to the rich volcanic soil that has been deposited on the other side, where valleys have been raised up and where mountains have been laid low. In that place, there is the possibility of richness of life. The soil that has been deposited has room for roots to grow deep. They are walking into the promise of what will be, not hanging onto what was and is now clearly fractured and broken.
I look back towards the heavens and see the gateway is a giant opening in the volcanic ash cloud. That through it light pierces not just in the gateway but through pin-like beams of light down to each of the remnant walking and battling in the light. Millions and millions of angels are hovering on the edge of the gateway, glowing radiant and golden in the light of the throne behind them. While I look, I see an arrow being fired from one of the angels on the other side of the opening; I see it pierce through the ash cloud and strike down towards the earth and piercing one of the emissaries of the enemy who was in battle with a soldier. I see that soldier now covered in a beam of light, their shoulders lifted, and I realise another has been added to the remnant. Joy rises inside of me as I now understand that the remnant can still grow, and more will be added as those continue to battle forward. His light will always pierce the darkness. His light will always shine brighter.
As the vision fades, I am left with one lingering thought… There is always a cost, there is always sacrifice but for those who walk in the light, their sacrifice will be redeemed.


Those walking in the light should not grow complacent in seeking my presence and hearing my voice. Do not mistake having heard from me with hearing me.
While you are in the light, the path will be easy to see and the enemy easy to dispatch. But if you step out of the light, the path will be harder to see and the enemy won’t be as weakened.
Do not look back.
Keep your eyes fixed on me and I will guide your path home.

I don’t have words to describe the heavenly host, the angel armies, that are waiting at the ready for the Lord’s command.

While the beams of light falling on the remnant were a bright white, the light emanating from the throne was infused with gold, like His radiance infused the wavelengths of light to become richer. There was a warmth that came from gazing upon the throne; it brings restoration, healing, joy, peace, and so much more.


Written by Dave Holland

(EagleHub community member)

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