Prophetic Word- I Am Your Comforter.

11 Mar

Prophetic Word – I Am Your Comforter ( March 11/2024)  – Adele Grobler 


” I Am Your Comforter”

This morning as I was spending time with Jesus, He gave this prophetic word for those who need comfort right now. May this word encourage and bless you.

The Lord said: “My children, I am your Comforter. When you require comfort or encouragement, ask of Me.

Do not look to man to fulfill this need.

Many of you are crying out for comfort, seeking it from those around you, however, you have forgotten to turn to Me, your first love, to receive it. Can a man know your heart like I do? Can a man see your deep cries and needs like I do? Can a person love you completely, fully and perfectly like I can?

Mankind is there to fellowship with one another, however, mankind was not created to meet and fulfill your needs.

I am the one who is your source and provider of all things.

If you feel lonely, come to Me and commune with Me.

If you are hurting, draw close and seek comfort
from Me. If you need laughter and encouragement, ask of Me.

You will be amazed at the different ways in which I will meet your needs. What will you do when those you rely on to fulfill your comfort, encouragement and companionship, pass away?

Who will you turn to then? Do you not know that this life is fleeting and nothing is guaranteed except Me?

How will you stand when you have built the foundations of your needs on men? Rather build the foundations of your needs on Me first.

The men will follow. I will uphold you when no one else can.

Look to Me and not men for your needs to be met.”


Here are the scriptures the Lord gave with this word:

Philippians 4:19,

2 Corinthians 1:3-5,

Isaiah 33:6


Be blessed,


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