Prophetic Word-I asked Jesus How He Feels About Easter .

Adele Grobler

I recently asked Jesus how he feels about Easter and with his name being removed and the redemptive message of the blood watered down in some gatherings, and this is what the Lord gave me to share with the body of Christ.

“My people,
You profess your love, honour, and loyalty to me, yet your actions don’t align with your words.
Haven’t humans elevated Easter? My followers claim to commemorate my crucifixion and resurrection, yet here’s what I’ve observed: churches are competing with each other, each trying to deliver a better Easter service than the one next door. Some churches have compromised by removing my name and my redemptive message about my blood, in attempts to attract more unbelievers and make them more comfortable.

My followers have put more emphasis on social gatherings than on focusing on me. They plan their meals, family time, and friends who will be there, but I am far from their minds. My followers claim to celebrate Easter for me, yet I see them more focused on themselves, one another, their food, activities, and church services.
Is this the type of celebration I should find pleasing?
Do I not know where men’s hearts and minds are?
Am I as concerned about attendance numbers as I am about the fear of the Lord?
Did I not command to love the Lord your God with all your heart and, secondly, your neighbour as yourself?

Yet, my followers place their neighbours ahead of me and my name. My children, examine scripture and you will find I never withheld my name or my message from sinners. I didn’t remove my identity or my message to attract more sinners or to make them more comfortable. When I dined with sinners, I interacted with them as Christ Jesus. I did not withhold my message of the need for repentance.

How has the world blinded you to think that removing my name and compromising my redemptive message will lead more to Christ?Is it not written that at the name of Jesus, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is Lord? If you truly say Easter is about me, then where is your fellowship with me? Where is your worship in thankfulness and adoration of me? Where is your desire to focus on me, draw close and commune with me?

Do I delight in religious practices, man-made traditions, and rituals as much as I do in intimate faith fellowship? If you are truly wanting to honor me during Easter, do this:
Remove idolatry far from your tent.
Set me higher than your neighbor’s desires.
Desire to fellowship with me and worship me more than gathering with others.
Lift my name up, honor my name and my sacrifice more than any man, any activity, any church service.
Focus on me more than your meal and gathering plans.
Seek me with a humble and contrite heart.
Don’t gather out of religious practices but gather because you truly want to honor, worship, and thank me for what I have done.
I would rather you not gather when you claim to make it about me and I am second. I am zealous for my bride. I do not wish to compete for her affections.I’d rather have my followers seek solitude to pray and seek my face, than to gather for appearances and focus on their plans.

Open your eyes, my children. Small compromises can spoil the vineyard. Your compromises push me away from your services. You may deny it, but examine your motives. Who do you think and talk about most? Do you not realize that I am the message of life? I am the truth, the way, and the life. Honouring me draws people to me.

Your neighbor didn’t die for you, I did. My heart breaks when I see my followers claim to honour me, yet their hearts and minds are distant. Gathering numbers into your services means nothing. It’s not the quantity but the quality of men that counts. I value purity, holiness, righteousness, obedience, and respect for my name. Compromise does not please me. Humility does. Return to me, your first love. Learn to seek me before seeking community. A community can’t provide full satisfaction; only I can.

You can’t love your neighbours well unless you’re immersed in my love first. Many seek community before seeking me. But I urge you to prioritize fellowship with me. Only then can loneliness heal and you can become a better friend. You’re out of balance seeking fellowship with others more than me. You’ll never be fully satisfied that way.

Return to me: I want to be your everything.

Thank you so much for your words, Lord, and for making your heart known to us.
Father, we come in the name of Jesus and ask, Lord, that you will forgive us as the body of Christ.
Forgive us where we’ve idolized community above you, where we’ve focused on gathering among believers and encouraging one another before coming to you first.

Help us to return to your order and principles of seeking your face first, Lord, to give you honour and glory. You created us to love you first, and from that love flows love for others. Help us not to get things mixed up, but to make you all in all, to be good friends to you, and to lift you up in everything we do. Forgive us where we, as the body of Christ, haven’t lifted up your name, where we’ve often compromised in the ways of the world, not showcasing your name because we want to attract more people.

Forgive us, Lord, for those compromises. You, Jesus, are the one who drew people to you by walking in your name, your identity, and authority. Help us, Lord, to pay attention to the subtle ways in which the enemy wants to disrupt but help us to seek your face during this time. Forgive us where we’ve often used Easter as a gathering or meal and simply put you on the sidelines, like we sometimes do at Christmas.

We say a quick prayer, we do a quick reading, and then the main focus majority of the time is on the gatherings and meals, leaving you out of it. Forgive us, God, for putting those things ahead of you. Help us to lift you up in everything,

In Jesus’ most holy and powerful name, amen.

Be blessed,


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