Prophetic Word-Will You Show Up For Me

17 Mar

Prophetic Word- Will You Show Up For Me?

Adele Grobler 

 As I was spending time with Jesus, I distinctly heard the Holy Spirit say,
“My children, will you show up for me?” The Lord began to speak this prophetic word, which I will now share with you.

As with every prophetic word you encounter, place your faith not in any man or woman, but solely in the one true God. Always take what you hear to the Lord for confirmation.

The Lord spoke, “My children, will you show up for me? Will you hold your ground? Will you maintain your faith in me, even when times are tough? Will you continue to acknowledge me or will you disown me? Will you follow through on the promises you made to me or will you let me down? Can I count on you to do what you said you would? Will your ‘yes’ truly mean ‘yes’ and your ‘no’ truly mean ‘no’? Will you carry out your promises, even when it’s inconvenient or when you don’t feel like it? Will you be a friend to me, as I have been to you? Can I rely on you to be committed and faithful to me in all things? Have you noticed the disappointment and lack of trust you feel when someone fails to keep their promise to you? Imagine how I feel when my people declare they will do something for me and then abandon their word. I extend grace because I know my children are human, their spirits may be willing, but their flesh is weak. Through all ages, I remain faithful. Even when you are unfaithful, I continue to be faithful to you. I never renege on my word. You expect me to fulfill my promises and show up as I said I would. Is it wrong for me to expect the same from you? I am strategic in my efforts and I do not waste time or labor. If I ask you to do something, there is a reason, even if it does not make sense to you. So, I ask again, will you show up for me?” 

My beautiful God, Lord. I thank you so much for this word for all of us in the body of Christ. Thank you, Lord, for reminding us again to take a self-reflection and see if we are actually showing up for you. Many times, my God, we would pray and cry out to you when we need you and hold you to account for your word. Yet, at the same time, we would break faith with you and not keep our end of the bargain. Lord, help us to be good friends to you, help us to show up for you, and not to desert you like your disciples did in your greatest hour of need. They failed you when they needed to pray, but their bodies were so weak, even if the spirits were willing. Lord, help us to be faithful and committed to you as you are to us, and help us to show up for you each and every day.
In Jesus’s most holy and powerful name, amen.

Be blessed,


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