Prophetic Word – Church, make room for the outcasts

by 2 Jan

Prophetic Word & Vision – Church, Make Room For the Outcasts (2 January 2024)


The Lord woke me up this morning and gave me this vision and prophetic word at 4:44 am. This word is an important reminded to the His church to not look down upon the “outcasts”. He cares for the “outcasts” and they have a place at His table. I describe the vision in the video below:

God said: “Many in My church are outcasted. When someone comes to church, wearing raggy clothes or who has eccentric personalities, they are quickly and easily overlooked. The “weird” ones always seem to not be invited to the tables of the so called more “noble ones”. My people, do you not discriminate amongst yourself when you would greet and accept the one you think is more prominent and ignore the one you think is of less importance?


Is that not showing favouritism? Do you not know that the outcasted ones carry great worth and value in My Kingdom? What you do is not good. Are you not to accept him who is poor like you would him who is rich? Am I pleased when you discriminate? Did I not die for all? Are they off less importance than you? Did I not come to save them as well? Do you know the depths of the paths those who you ignore and exclude have walked? I do. I know them. Yet you do not take time to invite them into My house.


Is that not how the Levite and pharisee treated the man who was robbed and beaten? Yet, an outcasted one, a Samaritan, came to help the man and dress his wounds and take care of him. You are missing the very gold I am bringing into your churches. How much will these ones not thrive if you take time to be kind, show love and help teach and guide them? Will they not excel? Stop looking down on men based on their appearances. I look at the heart. Open your eyes, blinded ones, and I will show you the gold that lies withing them. Accept them as brothers and sisters. Remember, those who show mercy will be shown mercy. Do not be careless but keep your hearts soft towards one another for with such hearts I am pleased”.


Here are the scriptures the Lord gave me with this word: Matthew 22:1-14, James 2:1-4, Matthew 5:3-10, Luke 10:25-37


Be blessed 😊


By Adele Grobler

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